Manage your human talent and increase your company’s potential

Transform your training and optimize it’s value through our own LMS online platform, a custom guided service and interactive content creation.

Gestiona el talento humano y potencializa tu empresa

Transforma tu capacitación y optimiza su costo a través de nuestra plataforma LMS de capacitación en línea, un servicio de acompañamiento personalizado y la creación de experiencias de aprendizaje.

Big companies give us their confidence


With the wetraining service, get multiple benefits such as:

Increase the acquired knowledge up to 60%.

Reduce up to 40% time and cost investment.

Centralize and standardize the training processes.

Measure the progress and use of your courses.

Access your courses and content anytime, anywhere.

Develop the most valuable asset: your team.


Descubre lo que el servicio de wetraining puede hacer por tu empresa



Know us

Find out what the wetraining service can do for your business



Everything you need for your online training!

We provide you with the necessary tools to create or improve your training project:

Online LMS Platform

Our LMS platform is a tTalent management system to create,
manage and measure your training processes in an easy, practical and effective way.

Customized assistance

We know that change is difficult. Our service is designed to support
you and your company to achieve your goals through tailored accompaniment, training, unlimited technical support, among others. 

It is not e-learning, it is x-learning

We transform your courses or content into meaningful, practical and interactive learning experiences from multimedia resources with innovative methodologies such as storytelling, gamification, microlearning and more.

Get to know our preloaded courses!

We create interactive content designed to optimize the competencies, behaviors and qualities of employees, regardless of the type or size of your company.


Choose the modality according to your needs

Online LMS platform

Depending on your need, you can choose between two services:


Online LMS platform
Customized assistance
Two preloaded courses

Initial setup: $300 USD
Monthly : $70 USD


Online LMS platform
Customized assistance
Two preloaded courses

Initial setup: $900 USD
Monthly : $300 USD

*Monthly fee depends on the number of users. Prices in USD. It does not include VAT.

Interactive content

Transform your courses and content:


Learning Objects: $1060 USD
Animated Videos: $420 USD
Tutorials or simulators: $1450 USD
Interactive Readings: $840 USD
PDF Readings: $300 USD
Infographic: $400 USD

*Reference prices. Prices in USD. It does not include VAT.


Customer’s satisfaction is our only metric of success.
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