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Custom resources

Choose the ideal type of resource for your project:

Resource Recommendation Prices
Learning objects (LO) Ideal for optimizing course development time and providing self-directed and self-managing learning. From $1060 USD
Videos It is recommended to use in short times, when it is required to expose aspects that are difficult to observe, showing them in an attractive way. From  $420 USD
Simulators and tutorials Ideal when it is required to explain procedures such as the use of an application, software, platform or to show the operation of a mechanism or technique. From $1450 USD
Interactive readings Ideal if you are looking for an informative and dynamic resource. It is recommended to present information directly with little interaction or illustrations. From $840 USD
Infographics It is recommended when the contents are very extensive and a synthesis is required to remember the most important concepts. From $400 USD
PDF Ideal to transform simple texts into pleasant reading experiences. From $300 USD

Preloaded courses

Acquire preloaded courses depending on your needs:

wetraining platform own platform
Full access to all the preloaded courses through the wetraining platform. Includes constant content updates, evaluations, and reports. Full access to all preloaded courses from the client’s platform through links. Includes constant content updates without evaluations or reports.
wetraining or own platform
Individual or group purchase of preloaded courses. They are delivered in SCORM and HTML format to integrate them into any LMS platform or content system. It does not include post-content updates.

Terms and Conditions
*Prices in MXN. It does not include VAT. Reference prices. The quotes are tailored to your project based on the budget.The resources start with the payment of 50% of the total amount of the project as an advance, and the remaining 50% is settled before delivery. In case the client has the service of wetraining Premium or wetraining Basic, the loading of the contents will be done on your platform as part of the service. The contracting of the preloaded courses is carried out for a mandatory period of time, and in the case of their sale, it must be settled in full for the delivery of the files.

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