Online LMS platform

Manage your users, groups and configurations.


Assign tasks, surveys,forums, wikis.


Make the access to resources conditional.

Create courses, categories and add content.


Configure your evaluations and generate certificates.

Customize your platform with logos and colors.

Intuitive, practical and effective

Check your progress in real time

From your profile check personal and work data, education and interests. View courses status, general progress percentage,training hours, among others.

Your company, your organization chart

Reflect the organizational structure of your company through the positions and departaments module. Establish departments, employee positions and their respective direct bosses.

Add face-to-face courses

Centralize all training efforts with the face-to-face or previous courses module: Define course name, opening and closing date, accredited hours, add users, grades, and more.

Award your colleagues

The use of gamification in training processes enhances employee effort, motivation, loyalty and competitiveness required to carry out their tasks.
With our recognition module, you can generate such experiences awarding points, medals, mentions.

Measure the work environment in your company

Measure the level of satisfaction and commitment that your employees have towards the company and its environment. Choose parameters and questions that are important to you, define the measurement frequency and track the answers of your employees in real time.

Available metrics:


Relationship with the boss



Relationship with Colleagues

Connection with the company



Professional growth


What isn’t measured isn’t improved

Through the report module track the performance of your learners.

This module consists of the following sections:

  • Dashboard: finished courses, platform usage statistics, users, roles and most used resources.
  • Courses: registered users and active enrollments, grades, certificates, among others.
  • Users: platform usage reports, grades and user points.
  • Fast and customized reports

More features of the platform

Calendar: check your delivery dates and events.


Messenger service: send private messages to users, search and save contacts and receive alerts.


Notifications of forums, grades for homework and tests, among others.

Grades: consult, categorize or export your grades.

Registration: allows manual enrollment, guest access, payment per course, among others.

Groups: create groups and customize the learning for each one.

Backups: get backups, import information from one course to another, or clean your course from submissions and comments.

Trash: restore content that you have deleted by mistake, within a specified time.


Search: find courses, content and users by keywords.

Integrations and APP

Integrate with Google, Google Drive, Microsoft, Facebook, Youtube, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Zoom, Webex, Flickr, Safe Exam.

Our App for IOS and Android allows you to access the contents of your courses and carry out activities at any time.


Safe and always available information

Our service includes specialized platform hosting:

  • 99% availability guaranteed by contract.
  • Continuous backups every 24 hours in different geographic locations.
  • Server and software security.
  • 24/7 ticket based technical support.
  • Continuous updates without extra cost.

Know our contracting modalities!

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