It’s not e-learning, it’s x-learning

Course content is critical to the success of your online training project, as it must
motivate and capture the attention of your staff and thus achieve autonomous and effective training.

We create meaningful, practical and interactive learning experiences from multimedia courses with innovative methodologies.

Features of our learning experiences:

Unique and original experiences.

Learn in a practical and experiential way.

Generate emotions and wow factor.

Users actively engage in the learning process.

Learning methodologies

Our multidisciplinary team of experts in instructional design, graphic design and multimedia animation will transform your content with the use of:


Application of playful concepts in order to generate engagement in the user.


Content is segmented into small pieces of information that relate to each other to promote knowledge retention.


The information is incorporated into the narrative of a story. It allows the learner to relate and generate new knowledge.

Our Process

We have an efficient content creation process:

1. Analysis and strategy:

We analyze the final user profile and define the learning objectives. We create a course and didactic sequence proposal.

2. Contents:

We adapt or create the content, establish the didactic concept and create resources and activities adapted to comprehend the information.

3. Multimedia:

We create and develop the graphic content and program the resources and interactive activities.

4. Implementation and tests:

We implement the courses inside the platform and perform tests of internal and final users.

Customized resources

All interactive content that we create, regardless of type, share the following characteristics:


Flexibility: They combine interactive content, activities, assessments and more.

Interactivity: The user is a participant in learning through the exchange of information.


Interoperability: They can be integrated or reproduced by different systems or platforms.

Usability: They are used in different contexts and training purposes.

Manageable: They can be tracked, updated and consulted at all times.


Durability: They stand the test of time with regard to their content and delivery mechanism.

Resources types

Learning Objects (LO)

Prices from $820 USD

Didactic and interactive resources, which fulfill the function of exposing and explaining the subject for which they have been created. They combine text, images, graphic and audiovisual elements for a training purpose.

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Animated and live action videos

Prices from $380 USD

They display information in an attractive way. They can contain text, graphics, animations, music, audio, speech and lip sync.

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Simulators and tutorials

Prices from $990 USD

Methodical lesson or simulation capable of integrating animations, videos, graphics, scenarios and activities, in order to explain procedures.

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Interactive readings

Prices from $670 USD

They encourage active reading on long and complex topics. They include didactic and training activities, as well as additional resources, for example, videos and audios.

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Prices from $330 USD

They synthesize and show the main ideas of a topic, integrating graphics and texts.

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Prices from $300 USD

They transform simple texts into pleasant reading experiences, with graphic concepts tailored to the client’s needs.

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